Face to Face Screening Poster

FACE TO FACE performances in Sydney for Refugee Week

FACE TO FACE, a film and performance piece featuring Yuol Yuol, will be performed at 3 local Sydney venues in June 2015 thanks to the support of local councils Holroyd, Ryde, and Liverpool (Casula). It deals with the story of a young Sudanese refugee in Sydney, and includes a 10-minute film, book-ended by a one-man theatrical performance. This project is based on the true accounts of Yuol Yuol’s life in a detention camp, his experience of re-settling in Sydney, and his first visit to Sudan nearly 20 years later. Join us! All events are FREE of charge.


Monday 15th June, Holroyd City Council, at 10.00AM

Wednesday 17th June, West Ryde Community Hall, at 10.30AM

Saturday 20th June, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, at 10.30AM

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