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Sleepers Awake was a C3West project commissioned by the Western Sydney Parklands Trust and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

For 10 days and 9 nights, from 17 to 26 May 2014, Bungarribee (located at the corner of Doonside Road and the Great Western Highway in the Western Sydney Parklands) was lit from dusk to dawn by the spectacular floating artwork Sleepers Awake. To accompany this artwork, local artists were invited to present artworks and performances across the 9 days.

Filigree FIlms staged an Audio-Visual Hybrid Performance – a one-man performance of the journey made by a young Sudanese refugee to settle in Australia. The journey starts with his arrival, feelings of loss and isolation. It then moves to a screening of the film Why Do You Want To See My Face?, which is a reflective piece on his relationship with his adoptive country. The final segment of the live performance is his return to Sudan to face war and the possibility of death leading him to a new appreciation of his adoptive country.

1) Dramatic storytelling by Yuol Yuol about when he first arrived in Australia.

2) Screening of short film: Why Do You Want To See My Face?

3) Dramatic storytelling by Yuol Yuol about his return to South Sudan after 23 years away, and subsequent return to his home in Blacktown.


~ Drum design and artwork by artist Kate Raffin

~ Museum of Contemporary Art


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